Vascular Surgery Residency / Fellowships


Integrated Residency Program

The Indiana University School of Medicine Vascular Integrated Residency Program will enter its first trainee in the 2009 academic year. This program is arranged to provide a basic core surgical training within the first three years of the program. The core education will provide the vascular surgery resident with adequate exposure to the basic science of surgery, the principles of perioperative patient assessment and management, and the fundamentals of surgical techniques and procedures related to the treatment of thoracic, abdominal and soft tissue diseases. In addition to the core surgical curriculum, three of the six-week rotations will be on a vascular surgical service. These rotations will provide the highest level of connection to the parent core work. Specific rotations in hematology/thrombosis, cardiology and radiology will likewise add to the resident's experience. The final two years will be spent dedicated to the discipline of vascular surgery with the last year being the chief resident year. Rotations at this level are planned for four months each to provide continuity of care. All aspects of vascular surgery basic science, medical care, and open and endovascular interventions for arterial, venous and lymphatic disorders will be covered in depth.

Standard Vascular Surgery Fellowship

The division of vascular surgery has an ACGME accredited two year postgraduate residency program in Vascular Surgery. Incoming residents are required to have completed a fully accredited residency in general surgery. The first year fellow is focused on the pre- and post-operative care of the vascular patient, as the refinement of open operative skills and immersion in complex vascular reconstructions. The second year fellow is focused on the endovascular procedures (endovascular aneurysm repair, carotid, renal, peripheral angioplasty, and stenting), as well as gaining experience for percutaneous vascular diagnosis and intervention, and involvement in the vascular laboratory, including performing and interpreting vascular studies.

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