The Department of Surgery appreciates and is cognizant of the developmental nature of a resident during his or her training. Therefore, we place a large emphasis on performance assessment to ensure each of our residents becomes a competent general surgeon. In addition to the objective assessment of the performance of residents on the ABSITE and Mock Oral examination, the progress of each resident in the Department is evaluated by members of the faculty via both individual and group review. Residents and their mentors are encouraged to discuss resident individual faculty evaluations and group faculty evaluation during their regular meetings. The mentor-resident system is a very important part of the residency as it serves not only to address resident performance evaluation but also to address resident well-being, career goals, etc. The residents also meet individually with the Program Director or the Associate Program Director every six months to review their performance from a more programmatic perspective. On a monthly basis, procedural performance in the Center for Surgical Technology is assessed. Residents are expected to perform certain PGY level-specific procedures each year at a proficient level. In terms of daily performance assessment, the Department follows a team approach to patient care, which includes faculty, chief or senior resident, junior house staff, and students functioning with an ascending chain of command, good communication and supervision. Some services require more direct resident/faculty exposure on a preceptor basis. At the end of each academic year, the Department holds a program review and residents are invited to critique the curriculum, goals and objectives, conferences, and facilities anonymously.

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