Gary W. Lemmon, MD

Professor of Surgery
Chief, Vascular Surgery, Indianapolis VAMC

Specialty: Vascular Surgery
Residency: Wright State University
Fellowship: Cleveland Clinic (Endovascular)


Riley Physicians
IU Health Physicians


IU Health Methodist/IU Health University
IU Health North
IU Health Saxony
IU Health West

Location Information

IU Health Multi-Specialty Clinic- MPC II

1801 N. Senate Blvd.,Ste 3300

Indianapolis, IN 46202

IU Health Physicians Vascular Surgeons

11725 N. Illinois St., Ste 275

Carmel, IN 46032

Clinical Interests


Accepting New Patients

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Clinical Interests: Vascular Trauma, Dialysis Access
Clinical Research Interests: Vascular Trauma, Angioaccess, Endovascular procedures
Basic Research Interests: Complex Aortic Disease, Neointimal Hyperplasia


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