A. George Akingba, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor

Specialty: Vascular Surgery
Residency: Inova Fairfax Hospital
Fellowship: Wayne State University - Detroit Medical Center


I have a passionate desire to solve clinical problems with engineering research tools. My clinical area of expertise is vascular surgery and my research area of expertise is in biomedical engineering (particularly bioinstrumentation). Within bioinstrumentation I sub-specialized in bioMEMS with my PhD dissertation on nanoelectrodes. I have patents on bioMEMS devices and other larger medical devices. I caught the research bug as a post-doctoral fellow at Johns Hopkins Hospital while working for Dr. Arthur Burnett. He mentored me on my first publication and inspired me to become a surgeon-scientist. I have always been very interested in physics and engineering and when a research opportunity became available after my second resident-year in general surgery, I took it to obtain more knowledge and experience in the field of biomedical engineering. During my graduate research experience I carried out all the steps involved in medical device research and development, which included designing, analyzing, fabricating, packaging, and testing micro- and nanofabricated devices. This training has enhanced my research capabilities of expanding the methods we use to obtain clinical information and deliver minimally invasive therapies. I then went on to complete my clinical training and start a career in academic vascular surgery. My current academic research takes advantage of my interdisciplinary skills to integrate aspects of cardiovascular biology, surgery and engineering technology into viable clinical diagnostic and/or therapeutic solutions. Because of my knowledge and experience in translational research I am uniquely qualified to be an investigator in clinically significant medical device research and translational biomedical engineering research.


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Eskenazi Hospital Surgery Clinic

720 Eskenazi Ave.

Indianapolis, IN 46202

IU Health Multi-Specialty Clinic

1801 N. Senate Blvd., Ste 4040

Indianapolis, IN 46202

IU Health Cardiovascular Surgeons

11725 N. Illinois St., Ste 275

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Clinical Research Interests: Carotid Disease/ Aneurysm Surgery / Peripheral Artery Occlusive Disease / Dialysis Access / Endovascular Therapy
Basic Research Interests: Novel techniques in monitoring/controlling blood flow using implantable devices based on MEMS (Micro-ElectroMechanical Systems) technology
Research Page

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