John Powelson, MD

Associate Professor of Surgery

Specialty: Transplant Surgery - Kidney and pancreas transplantation, laparoscopic surgery, dialysis vascular access surgery
Residency: University of Massachusetts Medical Center/ University of Massachusetts Medical School
Fellowship: Massachusetts General Hospital / Harvard Medical School


IU Medical Group


IU Health Methodist/IU Health University

Location Information

IU Health Transplant

550 N. University Blvd., Suite 4601

Indianapolis, IN 46202

Clinical Interests


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Clinical Interests: Kidney and pancreas transplantation, living donor surgery, laparoscopic surgery, dialysis vascular access surgery, hernia repair

Clinical Research Interests: Pancreas and kidney/pancreas transplants





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Clinical Communication


  1. Kidney Transplant Patient Handbook. Brigham and Women’s Hospital Renal Transplant Surgery Division. 1999. For patient education following renal transplantation. 41pages.
  2. The Brigham and Women’s Hospital Dialysis Access Monitoring Protocol. Brigham and Women’s Hospital Renal Transplant Surgery Division. 2000. Describes monitoring techniques and triggers for intervention. For use in all Boston area dialysis units. 7 pages.
  3. Renal Transplantation. Clarian Transplant Institute, 2009. Educational video for renal transplant candidate. 35 minutes. Shown to all IU renal transplant candidates.
  4. Transplant Handbook. IU Health Transplant Institute, 2010. Handbook for residents rotating through the transplant service. 56 pages.
  5. Transplant Inpatient Handbook. IU Health Transplant Institute, 2011. Given to all transplant inpatients. 16 pages.
  6. Back to Work Brochure. 2011. IU Health Transplant Institute, Describes return to work options. Given to all transplant patients 6 months after transplant. 6 pages (a 2-sided three panel brochure)

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