William A. Wooden, MD

Professor of Surgery

Specialty: Plastic Surgery
Medical School: University of Florida
Residency: Emory University (General Surgery)
                University of Pittsburgh (Plastic Surgery)
Fellowship: Emory University (Surgical Oncology)

Dr. William Wooden attended the University of Florida graduating with high honors and was accepted into the School of Medicine through the Junior Honors Program. He then completed a general surgery residency and an advanced fellowship in head and neck oncology and microsurgery at Emory University in Atlanta. His professional training continued with a Plastic Surgery residency at the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Wooden was Chief of Plastic Surgery and Associate Dean for Specialist Program Development at East Carolina University until 2005 when he joined the Division of Plastic Surgery at the Indiana University School of Medicine.

Dr. Wooden has been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Wooden's personal and professional goal is to offer his patients the most complete care possible specifically care personalized for the needs of each individual. Dr. Wooden believes that for either the patient seeking life enrichment and rejuvenation through Cosmetic Surgery, or the patient needing restoration of form and function through Reconstructive surgery, both are seeking improvement in the quality of life and health.

Dr. Wooden operates on the full spectrum of Plastic Surgery cases, but specializes specifically in Melanoma surgery.


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IUH University Hospital Surgery Outpatient Clinic

550 N. University Blvd., Ste 1295

Indianapolis, IN 46202

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Research Interests

Peripheral Nerve Regeneration using SIS ECM

Human Adipocyte, directed organogenesis

Oncogenicity of Fat injection into the Human Breast

Development of evidence based, quality and care Guidelines

Melanoma Care and Management: Adult and Pediatric

National Wound Care Guidelines

Nutrition and Wound Healing

Breast Cancer Research Program


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