Sidhbh Gallagher, MD

Assistant Professor of Surgery

Specialty: Plastic Surgery

Medical School: University College Dublin 

Residency: Abington Memorial Hospital (General Surgery), Indiana University (Plastic Surgery)


Dr. Gallagher grew up in Ireland. She graduated in the top 3% of her medical school class at University College Dublin. She completed five years of general surgery training at Abington Hospital, Philadelphia, winning teaching and academic awards along the way. After becoming a board certified general surgeon Dr. Gallagher came to do three further years of training in plastic surgery at IU. Ever eager to travel in order to bring back new skills, she has trained with prominent surgeons in her field, learning from the best both domestically and internationally. She has recently returned from doing additional training in Belgium and Australia.


We are delighted to welcome Dr. Gallagher back to Indiana University this Fall. Dr. Gallagher will be based predominantly at Eskenasi Hospital and the University North campus, where she will have a broad scope of practice in both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.


Dr Gallagher’s particular areas of interest are peripheral nerve surgery including the surgical treatment of diabetic neuropathy. She also specializes in women’s reconstructive and aesthetic procedures including breast reconstruction and labiaplasty. In addition she is passionate about achieving natural results with the latest non-surgical cosmetic techniques. Dr. Gallagher also looks forward to offering procedures to the transgender community.


In addition to her clinical practice Dr. Gallagher is committed to continuing her research work, innovating and adding to her publications in the field of plastic surgery.

Clinical Research: Peripheral nerve surgery including techniques to improve diabetic and chemotherapy induced neuropathy of the hands and feet, Partial joint denervation to relieve chronic joint pain, Procedures to relieve chronic pain after peripheral nerve injury, Gender reassignment surgery, Breast reconstruction, labiaplasty, cosmetic non-surgical techniques. 

Basic Research: Hernia, Cleft Palate, Abdominoplasty,Microsurgery

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