Stephanie A. Savage, MD, MS

Associate Professor of Surgery
Director Trauma Surgery and Critical Care

Specialty: General Surgery

Medical School: University of Wisconsin Medical School

Residency: UTHSCSA/Wilford Hall Medical Center


IU Health Physicians


IU Health Methodist/IU Health University
IU Health North
IU Health West

Location Information

IU Health Physicians General Surgery

1801 N. Senate Blvd., Ste 635

Indianapolis, IN 46202

Clinical Interests

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Clinical Research Interests: Expression of Inflammatory Mediators Following Pulmonary Trauma, Critical Administration Thresholds in Transfusion,     Thromboelastography and Large-Volume Transfusion, 1-to-1 Resuscitation Following Multisystem Trauma, Thoracic Evacuation in Hemothorax, Intra-aortic Balloon Occlusion for Hemodynamically Tenuous Trauma Patients

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