David F. Canal, MD

Frederic W. Taylor Professor of Surgery
Program Director, IU General Surgery Residency
Medical Director of Specialty Care, Wishard Memorial Hospital
Chief of Service - Surgery, Wishard Memorial Hospital

Specialty: General Surgery
Residency: Indiana University


David Canal, MD, Frederic W. Taylor Professor of Surgery, graduated from the Indiana University School of Medicine in 1983, with highest distinction and completed general surgical training and joined the IU General Surgery faculty in 1988.  He is a pioneer of minimally invasive surgical techniques and developed the laparoscopic program at Indiana University. He has taught many residents and surgeons throughout the State of Indiana basic and advanced laparoscopic techniques.  He has pioneered the use of the daVinci Robotic assist device for general surgeons in the State of Indiana.  He has also had tremendous interest in resident education and presently serves as the Program Director of the IU General Surgery Residency program.  Dr. Canal is the Chief of Service-Surgery at Wishard/Eskenazi Health and is the Medical Director of Specialty Care.  His surgical career has spanned broad-based general surgical procedures and continues with a focus on breast care.


IU Health Physicians


IU Health Methodist/IU Health University

Location Information

IU Health University Hospital, Surgery OP Clinic

550 N University Blvd., UH 1295

Indianapolis, IN 46202

Eskenazi Health Outpatient Care Center

720 Eskenazi Ave., 3rd Floor Surgery Clinic

Indianapolis, IN 46202

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Clinical Research Interests: Surgical Education, Minimally Invasive Surgery


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