About SSC


The mission of the Surgical Skills Center is to offer premier learning opportunities for residents and medical students in a low-stakes environment that promotes the observation, repetition, acquisition, and assessment of surgical skills.


We desire for the Surgical Skills Center to represent the pinnacle of surgical skills training and assessment for all surgical specialties. We seek to establish a robust research program that studies the benefits of traditional and innovative methods for surgical skills acquisition.


The Surgical Skills Center aims to:

  • Involve all major surgical training programs with scheduled sessions throughout the year
  • Provide a location for industry to introduce new surgical techniques and instrumentation
  • Advance methods of surgical skills teaching
  • Improve patient safety through focused and structured preparation of surgeons-in-training for the operating theater

Department of Surgery | 545 Barnhill Drive, Emerson Hall 203, Indianapolis, In 46202 | Phone: (317) 274-5771