Center for Surgical Training

Located in close proximity to the Ruth Lilly Medical Library, the Indiana University Center for Surgical Technology (CST) provides an opportunity for medical students and residents, to practice, and be evaluated on surgical techniques. Close supervison provided by a team of surgical faculty and technicians offers trainees with constructive criticism and immediate feedback. Residents are exposed to multiple computer simulators including colonoscopy, bronchoscopy, intravenous access, laparoscopy, and complex simulated patients. With the help of diligent and cooperative support staff and generous contributions from corporations from industry, a variety of inanimate and animate models are available to demonstrate and practice traditional open and revolutionary laparoscopic techniques.

A curriculum commensurate with a trainee's level begins with simple suturing during early internship and ends with advanced laparoscopic procedures including intestinal anastomosis during the chief resident year. In addition to onthly sessions for each postgraduate level in general surgery, the center also provides support for third and fourth year medical student surgical clerkships, continued medical education programs offering advanced surgical techniques in all surgical disciplines, and national surgical initiatives including ATLS and ATOM. The CST is a vital component of the Department of Surgery's education program that is continually changing to meet the needs of modern surgical training.

Department of Surgery | 545 Barnhill Drive, Emerson Hall 203, Indianapolis, In 46202 | Phone: (317) 274-5771