Vascular Surgery

The Division of Vascular Surgery within the Department of Surgery at the Indiana University School of Medicine consists of nine clinical faculty, two basic science faculty and their supporting staff. Dr. Michael C. Dalsing is the chief of the division. Our clinical faculty includes Drs. A. George Akingba, Andres Fajardo, Alok Gupta, Gary W. Lemmon, Michael P. Murphy, Raghunandan L. Motaganahalli and Alan P. Sawchuk,. Our Basic Science Research faculty includes two PhDs - Joseph L. Unthank, Steven J. Miller.

Vascular Surgery places a high priority on optimal clinical care, innovative research and teaching the next generation of vascular specialists. The division serves as the principal tertiary care referral network for vascular disease across the state. Our faculty has an established clinical interest in the areas of carotid artery disease, thoracic outlet syndrome, aneurysm surgery, peripheral artery occlusive disease, comprehensive venous disease, dialysis access, and a wide spectrum of endovascular therapies.

Research activities include basic science and engineering research projects investigating the pathophysiology of vascular diseases. In addition, the division is engaged in medical device development and clinical trials evaluating protocols, medicines, and techniques to improve patient care.

The division participates in the training for future clinicians and biomedical researchers through various educational programs of the Indiana University School of Medicine. We support both a standard Vascular Surgical Training Program (5 years General Surgery, 2 years Vascular Surgery) and our new Integrated Vascular Surgery residency program (5 years Vascular Surgery).

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